Can animals understand our words?

In my work as an animal communicator I am often asked to tell animals certain things from their humans. I always had the feeling that animals can very well understand the exact words we say to them, but I couldn’t prove it. It was just a feeling in my gut -until I met this beautiful horse who showed me some animal wisdom.

On a cold day I was called to a stable to communicate with a majestic looking horse, bred with the best genes to become a dressage champion. The woman owner and the horse however couldn’t understand each other and the misunderstandings were frustrating for both sides. I didn’t know any details about their lives, their problems or their history and so I just tuned into the horse to hear his side of the story.

When I started connecting the horse straight away shared that he was afraid of being sold. The woman became emotional when she heard this, as in her frustration she had thought about selling the horse in case they couldn’t find a way to communicate with each other.

I was surprised to find that there was such a clear and strong connection between her thoughts and the horse receiving the exact words from her. I know that everything is energy and that words can be read as an energy message from the animals, but I was surprised to get such a clear proof of this fact in this communication.

Then I received this sentence from the horse: “One day I want to go to the Olympic games with her”.

I didn’t know what this could mean, so I just told the woman the sentence. She started laughing and told me, that when she first bought her horse, she would tell him, that one day they would go and ride in the Olympic games together as one of the horse’s siblings had already made it into the Olympic games.

The horse had understood every word she had said to him and was eager to start training for this exciting event. The woman felt a bit ashamed when she heard her horse’s message, as she had said this as a joke to him.

But the horse had not understood this to be a joke. He took her every word as the truth and became confused when the expected training for the Olympic games never started. The horse thought that he was doing something wrong and felt frustrated.

For us it might be obvious that when somebody with little competition experience says, we are going to the Olympic games this is a joke, but for our animals this might not be the case.

This beautiful horse reminded me to be mindful with my words and thoughts around my animals, as our energies are so interwoven that animals pick up our words and thoughts all the time.

Seeing this beautiful and amazing connection between the horse and his human I started to wonder, if maybe it was possible after all for them to ride in the Olympic games together?

The woman would only have to whisper into her horse’s ear what she wanted him to do and him being so good at understanding every word she said, would magically follow her whispered words and would win all the competitions.



Everything is the same

It was a cold and wet day and the night had been disturbed a few times by the dog with the bad stomach. When I walked with him in the afternoon we strolled around the little park, the wet grass under our feet was making a squelching sound from the water that was oozing out from the black earth. The melted snow had made muddy puddles everywhere.

The light was slowly disappearing and I felt calm. It was a day of saying good-byes. Good-bye to knowing what will happen next and a good-bye of being in control. When I let go of my own expectations, things could happen. Suddenly my dog could perform really well at dog school. I could help another human being at the other end of the world by being there for her and I could receive a beautiful message from the crows.

Just before crossing the empty road, my dog stopped and looked into the dark grey sky. A flock of crows flew around the black tree and settled into the treetop. My dog followed the birds with a curious stare and sat down, not looking away. I stood next to the dog and watched the black crows looking at us. I asked silently, if they had a message for me and I instantly received their words:

“If we sit up here or you stand down there, life is the same. We are all the same. Everything is the same. It might only appear different, as our perspective is different, but it is always the same. Everything is energy. We are all connected through this energy. Differences are an illusion. Don’t dwell on the imaginary differences, but connect to the similarities- as everything is the same.”

Some of the birds took off circling the treetop, the silhouettes of their black bodies swirling against the darkening sky. I felt calm because I  felt I had just discovered a secret, a secret from a long gone past.

“Everything is the same.”

Why do I sometimes feel the differences more than the similarities? The crows reminded me of an old wisdom. I put the whispered words into my heart and returned home with my dog. I wanted to sit quietly with the words of the crows and feel  what they mean to me, but I could only think:

“ Yes. Everything is the same.”

Thank you crows.

The grown-up fridge

My view over the frozen nature reserve filled me with happiness. I could see my dog Nero playing with his new girl friend, a beautiful little Border collie. They were racing over the frozen ground, tugging on a piece of wood. My dog had found himself and me a new friend. Today on our walk through the vast nature reserve I found out, that we even used to go to the same clubs, back in the time when Berlin was a divided city. Was this a coincidence or did we maybe meet already all those years back, when we were dancing to the same song?

I had been with Nero at the nature reserve when he fell in love with this little cheeky black and white dog. He had little hearts in his eyes and I think the little black and white dog felt the same. We humans looked at our dogs, sighted and exchanged numbers so we could arrange to walk our love-dogs together. Since then we have been walking many kilometers every day, deep in conversation while our dogs play until their tongues are hanging out. Every morning we walk and we talk. The conversations are floating between heaven and the vast open nature. Words are hanging in every bush and the dogs are running happily over the frozen earth.

Since moving into our new house me and my husband had wanted to buy a big fridge. A fridge that says we are grown-ups. But grown-up fridges don’t come cheap and so we were still waiting to buy one.

And then one day there was a special on at the supermarket nearby- a grown-up fridge for little money. And of course they only had three fridges for sale. I asked my new friend if she could help me to get the fridge to my car, not knowing what such a grown-up fridge weighs. The supermarket gave us a trolley and I paid. At the car we realized that the grown-up fridge didn’t fit into my car. But my new friend is good at organizing and we swiftly moved my dog in the front (he weighs 40 kilos and was half sitting on the seat) and pushed the fridge into the car as far as possible. Then we secured the open hatch with an old dog leash. My new friend drove home with me and helped me get the humongous fridge into the house.

In the mornings I now sit looking at the shiny new grown-up fridge. Sometimes I just open the door to have a look inside, as it is so nice and spacious .

Today I decided to give my dog an extra sausage, because I realized that if my dog hadn’t fallen in love with the little black ad white dog, I wouldn’t have met my new friend and I couldn’t have bought the fridge. So, basically my dog has helped me manifest a grown-up fridge. I smiled and I wondered what else my dog would be manifesting in the future.

And while I was musing about this, I was already looking forward to our next “walk and talk” hike through the nature reserve early tomorrow morning.

How the red cat made me whole again.

Today I can hardly remember how I felt when I was broken. Broken in my heart and in my soul. Broken from experiences that happened to me when I was vulnerable and small. For years I had been trying to get rid of those broken feelings. I talked about it, I went to see professionals about it and I tried to forget about it by going out and falling in love. And then one day I fell in love with the idea of having a cat. I never had a cat, but I was ready. So, I went to the local shelter and looked at the cats, but I didn’t recognize any of them. But the feeling did not go away and a few weeks later I returned to the shelter. And then I saw him amongst all those cats. Red glowing fur; lying in the sun sleeping like an angel. I knew I wanted him or no cat. The lady at the shelter asked me hundreds of questions and it felt like an eternity until she finally let me adopt him. We took a taxi home and I was trying to make everything right for the red cat. But the red cat just loved me no matter what I did. At night the red cat slept behind my back and his warmth reminded me that another soul had my back. I felt safe and not alone anymore. The emotional separation from my family had made me lonely to the bones. The loneliness had sat like a cold stone in my soul slowly freezing my body, but as soon as the red cat moved in, the cold stone rapidly started to melt away. The red cat demanded my attention I had no time to look into the gloomy past anymore. Instead I was seeing his soul, his heart and his loving energy that filled the whole apartment. He connected me to the divine energy by opening portals and channeling the beautiful healing energy into my life. I became happy. I saw the sun shining again.

And then one sunny autumn morning he left this earth. He had chosen a motorbike to take his life on a street with virtual no traffic. I held his dead body in my arms and buried him bathed in my salty tears overlooking the infinite sea. His body was gone. But part of him stayed; his energy is still in every cell of my body illuminating my path.

Since the red cat came into my life I know in my heart that I am loveable.




Manifesting Nero

The New Year has just begun and I am sitting in bed with the flu. I ended the year with lots of ideas of new projects and I was buzzing. New people to meet, new ideas to work on and then on New Year’s Eve I got ill.

After having been disappointed for getting ill and rescheduling appointments, I am kind of enjoying sitting here thinking, what lesson could be in this for me? When I do an Animal Communication I always ask myself what lesson could be in the messages from the animal for me, even though it might be a conversation between a client and his or her animal. I do believe that we hear, see, feel or meet things, people and animals for reasons, sometimes not known to us at the time and sometimes known instantly.

So what is in this flu for me?

I have time to look back at 2018 to decide what to take with me and what to leave behind.

I am leaving behind all the shoulds and woulds and musts. So.

And what would I like 2019 to look like?

I’d like to have health, love, happiness, adventure, animals and a deep connection with people, animals, nature and ideas in my life. So just a few things really.

I heard a lot of people saying, that 2018 was not their best year and they are happy that it is over. Actually I hear people say this every year. My 2018 was interesting and testing at times too, but there were so many really nice things happening and I was able to try myself at a few things I hadn’t done before, like writing a chapter for a book and hosting my own radio show. I realized that I really like spreading my message about animals being sentient beings with profound wisdom. My horse Golden Arrow requested a few years ago, that I’d give animals my voice. And here it is, my voice.

While I am musing about what I would like to happen in 2019, I am looking at my sleeping dog Nero, thinking he really is one of the best things that happened last year.

At the beginning of 2018 I suddenly felt the urge to have a dog. Which was a first as we had three cats and a horse already and weren’t really looking to expand our private zoo. In a DIY warehouse I saw a little plastic figurine of a puppy and I just bought it. It was a little white dog with kind eyes and a little smile. Maybe it was a Golden Retriever, I am not quite sure. I put the dog in my car and forgot about my wish for a dog. A few months later we moved from our apartment in the city to a house in the countryside and after the summer settling into the new home the wish to have a dog came back. Something made me look for dog breeders in the area and I found the cutest little puppies on the Internet; they looked like polar bears. And funnily enough they looked exactly like the plastic figurine in my car, which I actually didn’t notice at the time. I made an appointment to just to have a look at those little bears (which is not possible with puppies…) and we went to view them the next day. There were three puppies left and Nero came to play with us straight away. He was so happy and instantly took a shine to us. When we left to think about the pending adoption, he sat sadly at the gate and whined while looking at us leaving. I think in that moment it was clear to us that we were going to come back for him the very next day.

Did we know enough about his race a Maremma Abbruzzese an Italian Herd Protection Dog (they are bred to protect herds of animals alone in the Italian mountains)? No. Did we know how big he was going to get? No. But we saw his loving eyes and we started to love him back right away. Did I manifest him or did he choose us to be his family? I am not sure. I think I send my wish to the universe and once the universe found the right dog for us, it sent some instructions back to me. I listen to the instructions: go and look at these polar bear puppies… And yes the rest is history- a nice history as there are already a few nice things that happened because of this shaggy love pup.

Maybe this is the secret to manifesting? Wishing for something and waiting for the universe to whisper in your ear, what next step to take. I am curious and excited what 2019 will bring and so I am sending my wishes for this year up to the universe to see if I will get a nudge at some point to go and view puppies, ask somebody for their phone number (my new best dog friend to go on long walks with our dogs) or to book a spontaneous holiday to Italy like in 2018. And what I know is that I will be spreading the voice of the animals with their wonderful energy and wisdom on my radio show Animal Wisdom Stories

Happy New Year to you all.


The lost cat

When my friend asked me if I could connect with her run away cat J. I was hesitant. I had tried to locate a lost cat in the past and the process was really frustrating. I connected to the cat and received messages and pictures, but by the time the owner found some of these places, the animal was long gone to another place. We were running after a phantom cat and there was no happy ending.

When I was getting ready to connect to J., I was afraid, that I might have to tell my friend that her beloved cat was dead. I have connected to dead animals and the energy feels quite different to living animals, so it is usually quite easy to know the difference.

But luckily I felt her cat J. was alive. He showed me the places he had visited and the place where he got food from an old Lady. I could narrow down the area, where he had been and where he probably still was, but the pictures of houses, terraces and fields don’t come with a Google maps, so it is often difficult to locate them. And by the time I delivered J’s messages to my friend, the cat had probably moved on to another place.

This part of animal communication can be heart wrenching and sad, as many animals don’t find their way back. This is often due to severe stress or a shock situation. If a cat has to run for it’s life, his or her internal GPS might get erased in the flight and later when all the stress hormones have subsided, the animal can not remember his or her way back home.

But J. kept sending me pictures and letting me know, that he was feeling fine and he was having the adventure of his life.

My friend was devastated about the loss of her cat and wanted to do everything possible to find him again. She hung posters and some people in the neighborhood called her to let her now about seeing him. One sighting was right in the area, where I felt him.

One very cold morning her and me went riding. We ended up riding in the outdoor arena and talking. I asked her about her feelings around the disappearance of her cat and soon she opened up to me. What embarked from that talking was magical. She realized that her feelings where not only due to the loss of her cat. She was afraid of loneliness and felt trapped in her day-to-day life. She missed her old adventurous times, when she was a jazz singer. She saw, that her cat was having the adventure of his life and when I asked her, what adventures were waiting for her, she smiled. “Maybe I would like to start singing again” something that she had stopped, many years ago. The idea of being a bit wild and having an adventure made her smile. She looked dreamily into the distance and I felt J. smiling too.

This had been such a surprising and beautiful Animal Wisdom Message without words, as the message was not as usual in the words, but in the feelings and picture of the whole situation.

I can still feel the little adventurous cat and hope the little guy will find his way home soon.